Gain an accurate view of client information with Client Facts APIs. Generate and export client asset data, liability data, income data, expense data and more.

  • Active Plan
  • Annual Goal Funding Projection
  • Annuitization Types
  • Assumption
  • Disability Benefit Types
  • Disability Policy Types
  • Distribution Types

Key Use Cases

Asset Data

Accurate client information is a critical piece of building a solid financial plan. Use our APIs to generate and extract eMoney client asset data for review, and use the data to create a unified client view across platforms. Data includes name, type and value.

Client's assets

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Document Management

Utilize the eMoney Vault with Document Management APIs. Upload and store important documents created outside of eMoney in the vault as well as download vault documents to be stored and shared in another platform.

  • List Vault Folders
  • Upload Documents to Vault
  • Download Documents from Vault

Firm Admin

Spend less time managing data with Firm Admin APIs. Use these APIs to set up and manage eMoney offices, clients and users. Search for clients, create, update or delete a client or client spouse, manage client login information, update a client’s owning advisor and more. Create and manage offices, advisors, assistants, planners, investment specialists, managers and compliance users.

  • Client Owners
  • Search User by External ID
  • Logons