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For technical support with existing API licenses, please have authorized contacts reach out to eMoney via (888)362-8482 

Do I need to have a separate user created for authentication?  

When connecting to eMoney Access APIs, you authenticate using a JWT token, not a user.

How do I connect to eMoney APIs? 

eMoney APIs utilize a certificate-based authentication method for connectivity. To access our APIs, you will need to provide the eMoney Team with a X.509 Public Certificate signed by an external, trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Once authenticated, you will be provided with an Admin level ID that can be used to access any client or advisor data in your office.

Refer to the Getting Started page for a step-by-step detailed explanation of how to connect to the eMoney APIs.

What level of security is used when using eMoney APIs?  

We use the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 authentication workflow, over HTTP with the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Why is a CERT needed for consuming APIs? 

At this time, eMoney only supports a certificate-based authentication method. We will support credential-based authentication in a future release.

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