Plan Data APIs are related to items in a client plan. Use these APIs to manage plans, expenses, goals and goal funding, access the probability of success and more. 

  • Expenses
  • Goals
  • Leave to Heirs
  • Monte Carlo

Key Use Cases

View Client Goals

Client goals are an important part of your client's total financial picture. Our APIs allow you to download goals and associated value and timeline information from eMoney for importing into various platforms, allowing for an accurate view of client information wherever you need it.

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Filtering on expenses that have the field "isGoal" set to "true" will return all client goals.

View client goals

Generate Plan Probability Of Success

Monitoring a client's plan is crucial to ensuring they are on track to their financial goals.  This API allows you to gain a real-time update of the client's probability of success of their goal based on industry-accepted Monte Carlo simulation.

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Probability of success

Generate A List Of Client Expenses

Save time and eliminate the need for data entry with eMoney APIs. Our APIs allow you to generate and export eMoney client expense data, including name, start/end, amount and type. Use this data to create a unified client view across platforms.

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Get list of expenses

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Supporting Info and Documents

Create a unified view across platforms with Supporting Information and Documents APIs.  Sync tasks and alerts across platforms and to manage documents in the Vault. 

  • Client Alerts
  • Client and Advisor Tasks
  • Vault Folders and Documents 


Other Use Cases