Client Divorce

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Primary Planning
Expanded Planning

When a client gets divorced, a few key settings must be updated in the eMoney platform to ensure an accurate financial plan.  Follow these steps to make those changes.

Step 1:  Update Client's Marital Fields in Client Record

Utilize the /clients API to modify the "maritalStatus" to "Divorced" and "previousMarriages" to "true".

Step 3:  Delete Spouse From the Client Record

Utilize the /spouse API to delete the spouse from the client record.

Step 4:  Delete Spouse Client Portal Logon (If Applicable)

Utilize the /logons API to delete the spouse's access to their client portal.

Generic Use Case

More Use Cases

Download Documents From The eMoney Vault

The eMoney Client Vault securely stores files generated by the application as well as any documentation uploaded by the client. Use our APIs to download items stored in the Vault for editing and managing on other platforms. Use our APIs to share the edited files back in the eMoney Vault. 

The following APIs are used in this use case:



Download documents
View Client Goals

Client goals are an important part of your client's total financial picture. Our APIs allow you to download goals and associated value and timeline information from eMoney for importing into various platforms, allowing for an accurate view of client information wherever you need it.

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Filtering on expenses that have the field "isGoal" set to "true" will return all client goals.

View client goals