Asset Data

Included in:
Primary Planning
Expanded Planning

Accurate client information is a critical piece of building a solid financial plan. Use our APIs to generate and extract eMoney client asset data for review, and use the data to create a unified client view across platforms. Data includes name, type and value.

Client's assets

More Use Cases

Download Documents From The eMoney Vault

The eMoney Client Vault securely stores files generated by the application as well as any documentation uploaded by the client. Use our APIs to download items stored in the Vault for editing and managing on other platforms. Use our APIs to share the edited files back in the eMoney Vault. 

The following APIs are used in this use case:



Download documents
Change Owning Advisor Associated With A Client

Organizational changes made simple. Our APIs can be used for easily updating or changing a client's owning advisor. 

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Change owning advisor