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Adoption of the client portal is one way to encourage clients to monitor and engage with their financial plan.  It also allows them to add their held-away account data into the platform, which can be shared with the advisor to gain a wider view of their asset and liability information.  Client portal logins can be automatically generated and shared with clients - utilizing a one-time password if desired.

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Generic Use Case

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Initial Office Setup

eMoney's APIs make the initial onboarding of your firm onto the platform straightforward and efficient.  See the steps below for the process to create offices, users and households.

Pre-requisites:  You will be provided with your eMoney root office path, developer ID and firm admin GUID by a member of the Client Implementations team.

Step 1:  Create Offices

Utilize the /offices API to create new sub-offices from the main parent offices.

Step 2:  Create Advisor

Utilize the /users API to create new users (advisors, assistants, planners, etc) in the desired office.

Step 3:  Create Client

Utilize the /clients API to create new clients assigned to the desired advisor.

Step 4:  Assign Sharing Rule / Delegation

Utilize the /sharingrules API to modify the delegation of clients to specific users.

Step 5:  Connect Accounts

Utilize the /connections API to add advisor managed account data to the platform.

Step 6:  Create Client Website Logon

Utilize the /logons API to initialize client portal access and login information

Generic Use Case
Add an Advisor Managed Connection

eMoney's aggregation capabilities allow for easy addition of advisor connections into the platform.  With this capability, the advisor can connect their managed accounts and see up-to-date values for consideration into the financial plan.

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Generic Use Case