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Primary Planning
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Save time and eliminate the need for data entry with eMoney APIs. Use our APIs to generate and export eMoney client income data, including name, type, amount and inflation rate. Use this data to create a unified client view across platforms. 

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Income Sources

More Use Cases

Add an Advisor Managed Connection

eMoney's aggregation capabilities allow for easy addition of advisor connections into the platform.  With this capability, the advisor can connect their managed accounts and see up-to-date values for consideration into the financial plan.

The following APIs are used in this use case:


Generic Use Case
Client Marriage

When a client gets married, a few key settings must be updated in the eMoney platform to ensure an accurate financial plan.  Follow these steps to make those changes.

Step 1:  Update Marital Status

Utilize the /clients API to update the "maritalStatus" to "Married".

Step 2:  Add Spouse to Client Record

Utilize the /spouse API to add the spouse information to the client record.

Step 3:  Add Spouse Client Portal Logon (Optional)

If desired, utilize the /logons API to provide the spouse with a client portal logon.

Generic Use Case